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History of Our Business

Get to know how Double D Tree & Landscaping LLC began and how we have risen as the go-to tree service and landscaping experts. From our start, to how we became who were are now.

Grandfather and Kids

Dan Heiser

Tree service and landscaping isn’t just a job to us. It has always been our way of life, our passion, and our family art. For over 4 generations, tree service has been our biggest entrepreneurial pursuit.

It all started with my great grandfather, Orra Heiser. Orra was a climber and tree worker. His art was passed on to his son, my grandfather (and my biggest inspiration) Dan Heiser. From the time he was 10, he worked with his dad and learned how to climb, master the service, and turn tree climbing into an art. Along with tree service, my grandfather Dan, worked with Roar’s Nursery doing landscaping and mowing, becoming really good at what he did.

These skills were then passed on to my uncle, who was the reason for the birth of A&D Tree Service. Their business quickly spread and gained a lot of business and customers based on their strong work ethic, my grandfather’s skill as a climber, and just the overall way they treated people. An accident that almost took my grandfather’s life was the quick end to their company.

After growing up helping in the business, learning the landscaping skills from the man himself, and a desire to master the art of climbing, Double D Tree & Landscaping LLC is dedicated in my grandfather’s honor, in hopes of being able to take up the mantle and carry on a family legacy of climbers.

Double D Tree & Landscaping LLC

Daniel Dolak

*The photos on this website are of work we completed ourselves.